Agent Testimonials


One day I was looking at my calendar and feeling so overwhelmed with everything I needed to do and everyone I needed to follow up with. I thought to myself. “Ok, I see all these other successful agents with double the business I had what exactly am I missing here?” I remember taking the tour at Century 21® like it was yesterday. I was blown away with the resources they provided to keep me more organized and in touch with my clients. It was love at first sight. What I love most is I’m not working harder I’m working smarter. Anything I need whether it’s marketing, organization, questions, advice, support is at my fingertips. My business has grown substantially in the few short months I have been here. Now, I’m more successful, have bigger goals, and still get to be the mom I’ve always dreamed of being.

– Stacey Wylie

At the heart of CENTURY 21 Novus you will find a burning passion for real estate. Helping our clients and their families is the number one priority from the top down. Each day Rett, Curtis, Donna, and Connie bring a work ethic that is unparalleled, inspiring myself and other agents to strive for greatness. The culture and learning environment at Century 21® is very team-centered and perfect for a newer agent like myself. Without a doubt, there is no better real estate company to work for or work within the great state of Georgia.

– Blake Ginger

Hi, I’m Shirley Grizzard and I was accepted to join the CENTURY 21 Novus family when my last broker retired. He said I should come here because he thought this would be the best place for me because he knew Curtis North and Rett Harmon were real people that their first thing in business was to look out for your customers and treat everyone right and he knew they did. I’ve enjoyed being with a great group of Realtors.

– Shirley Grizzard

I chose CENTURY 21 Novus so I could continue to grow and learn more about Real Estate. I have been a part of the Real Estate industry for over 9 yrs, I am very thankful for the experience and training thus far. However with the tools and resources that Century 21® has to offer I know that my knowledge will just continue to grow & develop. CENTURY 21 Novus has a youthful, modern flair and I really like that! This office knows technology and is not afraid to use it and try new things. We are about cutting-edge ideas in this ever-changing real estate market. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with! Oh yeah and the coffee bar…Yes, the coffee bar!!!

– Kendall Arp 

As a new agent, I couldn’t find another company that provided the tools and resources Century 21® has to offer. I am thankful to build my business as an agent that is stronger, bolder, faster. I am thankful to be with CENTURY 21 Novus, and in an office committed to community involvement and influence.

– Kara Johnson

Technology, teamwork and an inviting atmosphere are just some of the many benefits of being associated with CENTURY 21 Novus. I am encouraged and presented with many tools to help grow my business. Novus provides access to many resources and the latest technology to encourage efficiency. Our team of knowledgeable associates motivates and encourages me to stay relevant in an ever-changing real estate market. I love being Smarter. Bolder. Faster.

– Sandy Morris