Andy Williams

Andy Williams


  • Cell: 770-656-0983
  • Office: 678-664-1400
  • Office Location: 537 Newnan Rd Carrollton, Ga 30117

About Andy Williams

Hello, I am Andy Williams, an agent with Century 21 Novus Realty.  First, I would like to thank you for taking the time and looking at the package that I have set up. Hopefully the packet can help you. A little bit about me. Since my junior year in high school, I have been interested in real estate.  I took the real estate class my junior summer, but was unable to take the state exam, due to not having a high school diploma. Upon graduating high school, I got into law enforcement. I have been in law enforcement for over 15 years and will continue with law enforcement. 


When I am not working in law enforcement or my new career in real-estate, I enjoy spending time with my daughter who is six years old.  I enjoy being there to watch her grow up and teach her. Having a child has done a lot for me, and I enjoy being there to take her to church, watch her play sports, teach her to fish, help her with her homework, and much more. My daughter means the world to me.


During those 15 years, I have always wanted to get back into real-estate and a little over a year ago after some life changing events, I decided it was time. I completed the real-estate classes and passed the State real-estate exam. Upon getting my license, I did research into some of the local real-estate offices and decided that Century 21 Novus Realty had everything that I was looking for and more. Upon interviewing with the company, I was excited to become part of the family. Since joining the team they have been a great help with my success and making sure to be there to assist me and becoming a better agent. I have learned in the last year that you can never stop learning new things in real-estate. Real-estate is always changing but the team at Century 21 Novus Realty is there assist.


Right now, it is a sellers’ market due to the inventory be low.
For all my clients, I work to get a five-star rating from. I do not expect to have the immediate trust of my clients when we first meet. I expect to earn their trust the more we work together as a team. I am there to give advice, listen to their concerns, questions, needs, and wants. I believe that listening to my clients is the most important thing that I can do as an agent for my clients. After listening to my clients, I will assist them the best that I can. If I do not know the answer I will let them know that, but tell them I will get them the correct answer and then do that.
Again, thank you for taking the time and reading this. Please let me know if I can assist you in any way, if it even just listening to you than I am glad to do. I am a real-estate agent, but I like to consider myself a team player to assist my clients on reaching their goals.